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Emma’s Strategies

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PRIMARY PREVENTION Through awareness rising, addressing the underlying conditions and empower communities to prevent gender-based violence against women.
SERVICE DELIVERY – providing holistic community-based care approach services in social-medical rehabilitation centres.
CAPACITY BUILDING – Building capacity of governmental employee and community care-givers about Gender based violence. Trained health workers & police staff about 4 Rs (Recognizing, Recording Reporting, and Referral) Enhanced Training on managing abused Women
ADVOCACY & SOCIAL MOBILIZATION – the advocacy efforts to influence decision makers and stake holder for gender sensitive regulation and eliminate all kinds of discrimination against women
ORGANIZATIONAL STAFF CARE PROGRAM – ensure a healthy and stable mental health system in the organization and practice it to decrease burn out and secondary traumatization that promote organizational sustainability, continuous improvement and innovation.
Empowerment model, for the survivors through a Trauma Sensitive Approach.
Emma approach is a comprehensive model that includes the case manager to coordinate through provision of all services, programs and activities that are provided at rehabilitation centres and through mobile teams and through community -based women protection mechanisms for prevention and response to SGBV and sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA).
Emma Staff work with women and girls, especially those from the Yazidi community, who are suffering the effects of severe traumatic experiences as a result of torture, physical violence and sexual abuse. Likewise, EMMA supports mothers and children borne as a result of rape since 2014.
Most of these women suffer from trauma-related problems as a result of tortures, extreme war violence, including human trafficking, forced sexual abuse and slavery.
Emma focuses on a multi-component intervention which is delivered to people who had recently returned back (from ISIS captivity). The intervention comprises individual support for the survivors and their family members with a focus on medical, psychosocial, employment, legal and financial aid, and socialization.
Emma teams offer help to victims of violence who suffer from physical ailments, long-term psychological and psychosomatic disorders.
Our aim is to focus on their rehabilitation and support them to regain their dignity and enable them to lead a life which is largely free of the physical and psychological after-affects caused by the extreme violence experiences, through social therapy. Thus, provides survivors a therapeutic community in order to engage again and come in contact with others and feel secure again.
Unfortunately, some of the survivors are rejected by their remained family members or have children born from rape during their captivity by ISIS.
Emma provides safe environment for living and provides their basic daily requirements, medical care and legal assistance because most of survivors often require support while dealing with authorities or requesting ID documents if needed.
Therefore, the program services include:
• Group Mentoring for survivors that focus on education, positive self-identity, career and academic preparation.
• Peer Support groups that address personal and family issues.
• Prevention by economic support through vocational courses promoting access to income generating opportunities. Life skills and vocational training gives greater protection for women and survivors. In extreme cases daughters can be forced into early marriage or trafficked to alleviate the desperate poverty caused by conflict. Families with a more stable economic base or skills to draw on will cope better at such times.
• Participation in empowerment programs and workshop leadership training that promotes personality development.
Annual Activities
• Participation in the activities of Zero tolerance for FGM on 6 February
• Conducting of one billion rising campaign on 14 February
• Participation in the Celebration of International Women Day 8 March.
• Participation in the activities of 16-Day Campaign to End Violence Against Women (every November-December)
• Participation in the activities of Breast Cancer campaign in October

Emma Organization for Human Development was founded in 2013 by three female activists with a vision to advance the role of women in society, promote gender equality and empower women in Kurdistan. “Emma” is a Kurdish term meaning (WE) and is the concept by which this organization functions as a unit working together as "One Team" from different cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs to achieve goals and rebuild lives.

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