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Emma Organization

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Emma Organization
Emma organization was established in 2013 by a group of female activists who are experts in different fields of life like gender equality, legislation education, health and mental health and decided to establish Emma organization for human development.
Emma organization is a humanitarian non-profit agency that provides rehabilitation, development assistance, and programme services to vulnerable communities in Kurdistan. Emma is solely dedicated to reduce women suffering, it is non-political, non-sectarian and non-profitable in its mission. For sustainability of the projects, the organization coordinate and cooperate with governmental, SC, formal and non formal institutions and groups that working in the same field.
Vision: Promotion of gender equality, advocates for improvement of the status of women, empowerment, active participation in decision making, and sustainable development in Kurdistan region.
Mission: Achieve gender equality and social justice in Kurdistan Region.
Gender equality: Advancing women’s political participation and equal role in peacemaking , decision making , reconciliation and state building .
Development : Developing women’s capacities and abilities to get them able to overcome the challenges facing them in their daily lives and get involved effectively in society.
Empowerment: In coordination with the directory of youth in ministry of culture and youth of Kurdistan supported by Ray Telecom, Emma organization for Human Development opened a center to empower Yazidi and Christian women survivors from ISIS through Psychosocial and rehabilitation programs.
Serving victims of ISIS
So Emma started to help the displaced population , with a specific focus on the Yazidi populations , Who have been subjected to murder , abduction , torture , rape and sexual slavery to recover from violence .our programs provide support to individuals and families to help them heal and rebuild their lives as well as the rehabilitation of the governmental and non- governmental organizations , our organization provides the following :

Psycho-Social Services : Emma provides high-quality psycho-therapy and social work activities with a focus on survivors of sexual violence to help them recover from trauma and cope with daily challenges.
-Life Skills and Classes: Emma teaches skills that increase resiliency and improve the well- being of our participants and their families such us literacy, Handcrafts, sewing , social activities and a variety of health legal and social lectures… etc..
Livelihood training: Through our agriculture program for women, Emma equips vulnerable people with the skills they need to build a sustainable income.
Recreational Activities: Social activities for children and adults help healing process, providing a much –needed reprieve from the isolation many face and create a “safe space” for survivors to without stigma.
We believe in Combating gender based violence ,Eliminate all kinds of discrimination against women, Empowering women and vulnerable groups, participation of women in decision making , Mainstreaming the international convention and resolution principles into national laws and policies especially CEDAW and 1325 resolution and Eliminate gender based violence (GBV) :
To eliminate discrimination and gender based violence in Kurdistan, Emma organization had developed two researches on gender equality in education system and women in decision making in Kurdistan.

Kurdistan is the safest region in the region, Iraq is in the midst of unprecedented humanitarian emergency. Where it took over large areas of Iraq which has led to the widespread and ongoing displacement of civilians causing large numbers of displaced people force to leave their homes and come to Kurdistan.

Emma Organization for Human Development was founded in 2013 by three female activists with a vision to advance the role of women in society, promote gender equality and empower women in Kurdistan. “Emma” is a Kurdish term meaning (WE) and is the concept by which this organization functions as a unit working together as "One Team" from different cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs to achieve goals and rebuild lives.

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