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SULAYMANIYA – The Joint Working Committee of the Left and the Kurdistan Women’s Alliance held a meeting for International Women’s Day

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The Joint Working Committee of the Kurdistan Left and the Kurdistan Women’s Alliance held a meeting today in which six women activists discussed several issues related to women.
The Joint Working Committee of the Kurdistan Left and the Kurdistan Women’s Alliance held a meeting in Sulaimani on the occasion of International Women’s Day.
The first panel was moderated by Avan Jaf, Narmin Osman, Nishtiman Kamal, Payman Ezzeddin participated, in which the general scope of the government and parties and their position on women’s issues were discussed and the participation of women in decision-making and peace building in Kurdistan.
At the beginning of the first panel, Narmin Osman, an intellectual and politician, said: “There is a confusion among society and political parties He has also created the state.
Payman Ezzeddin, a lawyer and former Kurdistan parliamentarian, said that for 32 years in the Kurdistan Region, several laws have been issued for women that can be counted on the fingers of the hand In recent years, the enthusiasm for achieving social equality has been much greater than now.
“After the uprising in Kurdistan, there were changes in the public sphere, multi-party and multi-media, which will affect the creation of public opinion express his opinion.
In the second panel, the author emphasized the lack of women in the administration and political participation in the Kurdistan Region and the proportion of women in the centers It is zero percent in the world.
Basma Habib, a commissioner at the Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights, said UN Resolution 1325 includes three important points: women’s participation, protection and prevention. Iraq was the first Middle Eastern country to develop a national plan for this resolution , , The majority of victims of violence are women.
Rezan Sheikh Dilêr, a lawyer and former member of the Iraqi parliament, said that although it is 2023, women have not been able to benefit from domestic laws and international treaties the executive and the judiciary.

Emma Organization for Human Development was founded in 2013 by three female activists with a vision to advance the role of women in society, promote gender equality and empower women in Kurdistan. “Emma” is a Kurdish term meaning (WE) and is the concept by which this organization functions as a unit working together as "One Team" from different cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs to achieve goals and rebuild lives.

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