New group of women graduate a sewing course in Hawkari center

On the 13 of September 2018, 12 women have graduated from a sewing course in Hawkari center.

Emma Organization for Human Development always supports women to learn new skills for free to make a financial profit for themselves and their families.

The center has also planned for a small celebration for the women to distribute sewing certificates in this occasion.

Hawkari Center is run by Emma Organization for Human Development. as the center was handed over by the Ministry of Education in 2015 to Emma Organization as it was suffering from a lack of educational and cultural services among women and young girls in the area. However, Emma Organization has now transformed the center into a safe place and a place where women learn new skills and further their skills into financial support.

The center also delivers free courses in literacy, sewing, social activities and awareness sessions on different subjects. The beneficiaries are all women of the surrounding areas including IDPs and refugee women who are currently residing there.


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