Training for the staff of ministry of Labor and Social Affaires

On 25,02,2021 Emma Organization for Human Development in the cooperation with the ministry of Labor and Social Affaires successfully ended a Five-day training that’s started on 21.02 till 25.02.2021 in Best in Erbil Hotel.

The training was about imposing gender equality in the daily work of the participants. The target group was the teachers and the social workers in the ministry of Labor and Social Affaires. However, Mrs. Kuestan Muhammad the minister of the ministry of Labor and Social Affaires participated in the first day of the training, and she delivered a short speech and in it she praised the efforts of Emma Organization for continuing with such a trainings, in addition she sheds light on women’s role after she became the minister that many women are running the directorate positions in the ministry just like men, at the of the speech she wished a good luck for the participants.

The training has been delivered by the trainers Ari Rafiq, Tanya Jamal, and Dr. Ali Karim, moreover it includes the subjects of gender mainstreaming, what is the gender? The second one, what is violence?, what’s kind of violence?, and how to set up a mechanism to treat with the violence, the last session how to conduct trainings, what is the aim of the training, and how to be an ideal trainer in the future.

In the last day of the training, gifts and participation certificates have been distributed to the participants.

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