The speech of Emma Organization in the meeting regarding the findings of the research on the law of labor ministry

From the last year, Emma Organization for Human Development is programmed and planned with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and through a gender unit coordinating to implement work and activities that emphasize access to gender equality as it is a major and important mission of Emma Organization and always can be found in our work and activities. Through that work and activities, we have seen that it is important to do research to focus on the gender equality viewpoint in the Ministry of Labor law to get a good clarification as to whether at any phase we may need to take a step into consideration as government, parliament and civil society to reach a positive outcome and benefit from the the human’s power to maintain that equation, and on the other hand to explore those gaps that distance gender equality and to take solutions that needed for resolution. The speech being delivered by Mrs. Vian Hussan the project manager at Emma on 28th of June 2021.

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