The Ceremony of Distributing Certificates to the Participants of the Sewing Course at Essyan Camp

On 02-05-2021, in one of the centers of the Essyan IDPs camp, Emma Organization for Human Development’s team at the Sheikhan Community Center, in the presence of the director of the Essyan camp, held a certificate distribution ceremony for participants in the sewing course, which is supported by the German Medica Mondiale organization, with the participation of 37 women for both sections. The course lasted for three months with the aim of empowering women and providing them with a source of income. The course focused on attracting women from low-income families to teach them the basics of sewing, in order for them to later sew clothes and become productive women. From his side, the director of the Essyan Camp offered special thanks to the organization for such wonderful work that the organization is doing in the Essyan camp, and we as Emma organization also thanked the camp manager for his participation with us in this activity and we thank everyone who has participated with us so far in the courses that we provide for them and our goal is to offer them something useful.

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