Supporting affected Yazidi families at Sharya IDPs camp

Emma Organization for Human Development in the support of Medica Mondiale and NPA provided PSS and humanitarian aids to the Yazidi families who were affected by the fire accident in the Sharya IDPs Camp straight after the day of the accident on 05-06-2021 till the end of that weekend.

On Friday afternoon 04-06-2021, 400 tents burned out and several people wounded when a fire broke out in the Sharya camp that hosts hundred and thousands of the Yazidi families in Duhok province.

Yazidis, genocide survivor who are still trying to survive, are living under unbearable conditions in IDP(Internal Displaced People) camps in Kurdistan of Iraq for 7 years now without being able to return to their homeland, Sinjar or allowing them to build better shelters. They live in very tiny tents that are flammable and could turn into ashes within 30 seconds once the fire breaks in them.

On the first visit, on 05-06-2021 the staff of Emma Organization for Human Development in both Duhok and Sheikhan Community Centers, provided social and psychological assistance to the families who affected by the fire accident that that reminded 135 families without home and basic needs of life.

On 07-06-2021 again the staff of Emma in Sheikhan community center in the support of Medica Mondiale and in the coordination of BCF distributed a number of packages included women and children basic needs to the Yazidi IDPs families who are living in Sharya camp. However, On 10-06-2021 the Sheikhan team, distributed 30 pieces of traditional white Yazidi clothes to 30 elderly women.

To sum up, the Emma team in Duhok community center started their program of providing PSS to the women and children immediately after the house of the fire accident. Emma Organization for Human Development strives to provide humanitarian aids to the affected families by the accident of fire at Sharya Yazidi IDPs camp.

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