Self care session at Sheikhan center

Starting your day with practicing self-care activities helps to keep you grounded, peaceful and productive, even if the day is busy and challenging. In other words, taking a few minutes to evaluate how you’re really doing can go a long way to helping you identify ways to improve your overall mental health.

On 5th of February 2021, the psychotherapist at the Emma Organization for Human Development held a self-care session about an important question, namely:
After reaching this age, what is the lesson that you learned from life? express it by a word, image, advice, drawing or sentence, in order to benefit from life more.

With time, we learned the lesson and the soul developed our own standard for any matter in life, and self-reliance was the most important thing in life.
Life is a journey we learn and live,continuous learning without stopping.

We will work together to support courage where there is fear, to encourage negotiation when there is conflict, and to give … The ship of life will not sink in a sea of ​​despair as long as there is a paddle called hope. … and not counting my arrows in you … you must feel positive.

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