Online workshop on grief

On 10.03.2021, Emma Organization for Human Development within the self-care project held an online workshop about grief with its manager staff, selfcare focal points, and the team that have been in Kocho to offer the psychological support to Yazidi survivors during the day of burial ceremony of 104 Yazidi people who have been killed by ISIS in the August of 2014 in the coordination with the consultant and self-care trainer “Maria Zemp” in the behalf of Medica Mondiale.

The workshop was dedicated to have the common understanding about what it means for Emma staff to support Yazidi survivors in collective grief in the context of genocide, most importantly to be clear if the Emma Organization’s managers/counsellors have the necessary capacities to apply self-care techniques to protect themselves from secondary trauma and if not, to identify what they need to build these capacities as well as to identify which self-care activities are best further.

In not shell, Emma supports Yazidi people facing mass grieve, in other words, the funeral ceremony in Sinjar is debriefed. Different perspectives have been considered: directors and managers know more how to provide appropriate staff care measures for decreasing stress- and trauma dynamics. Counselors have assed the capacity to apply self-care exercises in order to prevent or release secondary trauma reactions and they assessed the technical capacity to provide grief counselling.

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