Emma staff workshop on the concept of feminism and feminist movement in Kurdistan

On 17-02-2021, Emma Organization for Human Development organized a workshop for its staff from Duhok, Sheikhan, Erbil Hawkary center and head office staff on the concept of feminism and Feminist movement in Kurdistan on the occasion of One Billion Raising Campaign in Erbil/ Shaqlawa.

The workshop started with a warming-up with using def and drum and, singing traditional Kurdish music and dance with it all together as music is the great food of life it gives you a special feeling and sometimes touches you with the outer world and motivates you at the same time, the campaign used to be celebrated by dancing to deliver its message to stop all forms of violence against women and girls worldwide. After the warming up the Workshop started with Dr.Bayan’s speech she said that:” We as a feminist organization should find a way to spread the idea of Campaign in Kurdistan in Further years”, and Mrs. Bahar as well explained and discussed the concept of ‘One billion Rising’, then they switched to the topic of unconditional love and its objective, a great discussion took place between the members of the staff about all the aspects of love. As it is known that real love is based on respect, trust, and accepting each other as ‘who you are’ not ‘how they want you to be’, being yourself plays the most important role in Love, so Real love can’t be compensated.

On one hand, Dr. Bayan and Mrs.Bahar Ali the co-founders of Emma organization presented the idea and concepts of feminism and feminist movement in Kurdistan, and the role of Kurdish women in general. On the other hand everybody shared the way and, gave their opinion of how women who are living around them think of life. Also other subjects were briefly  discussed as, the right of women to marry again, their child’s education,  How men decides and select their wife’s style of life without their own desire, and that only women is responsible  for every single task in life, men has no role in it for instance: cooking, cleaning and growing up child etc….

Even the reasons of the separation of the spouses, one obvious reason is when a woman can’t get pregnant or deliver a baby boy to her family, while many times the cause of it is the men, but his wife must cover it instead of revealing it to the people around. Furthermore, she confirmed that everyone has to pay attention while using words to talk and discuss about sensitive issues because many women desire to separate from their husband but can’t be, because of using rude and unwilling words infront of them.

At the end Mrs.Bahar Ali remained all the staff that Emma organization has no right to underestimate anyone’s way of practicing their religion, because the organization welcomes from all kinds of background and, she emphasized on the freedom of every individual in the community then, she stressed that these types of workshops are need for the staff in the future for them to understand each other more.

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