Commemoration of the chemical attack on Halabja

March 16, 2021, marked the 33rd anniversary of the chemical attack on the Iraqi city of Halabja, which was targeted by the regime of former President Saddam Hussein in 1988.
Halabja is a Kurdish city, about 240 km to the northeast of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, and it has been targeted by aircraft.
The attack reportedly killed about five thousand people on the same day, the majority of them were women and children, and injured about 10,000 people.
Thousands have since died due to complications from the use of the chemical weapon.
It is believed that the gases used by Saddam Hussein's regime against the people of Halabja were among them were mustard and sarin.
On the orders of the former Minister of Defense Ali Hassan Al-Majid, Iraqi aircraft attacked Halabja.
Human Rights Watch quoted the accounts of eyewitnesses who witnessed the attack, including a student who said that he was having difficulty breathing and was vomiting green material.
Some died instantly from inhaling the toxic gases, and some had severe symptoms before dying, according to eyewitness accounts.
In the occasion of commemoration of this anniversary, all of the Emma Organization for Human Development’s staff in all its center in Duhok and Erbil allocated one minute to stand for the spirit of the martyrs of Halabja at 11:00 AM.
The Halabja attack is one of the historical events that the Kurdish people will not forget, as it was part of Saddam’s campaign against them in which thousands of them were killed with conventional and non-conventional weapons.

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