Assessment visit to Sharya Yazid IDPs camp

On 16th of June 2021, the team of Emma Organization for Human Development at Sheikhan community center which is headed by the deputy director and co-founder of Emma(Dr.Bayan Rasul) visited the Sharya Yazidi IDPs Camp.

During the visit, the delegation met with the the head of a new Yazidi Organization Nupel (Mr. Dilgash), both sides introduced the mission, vision, work and activities of their organizations. In addition to that they create a good coordination between the two organization.

Before visiting the place of the fire accident at camp, Emma delegation along with Nupel director met up with the director of the camp at the administration, in order to give him an insight view of Emma’s plan to help the affected families, as well as the exact aids that the families may need after their retunes to their places. On top of that, Dr. Bayan searched with the the ways that may prevent likewise accidents in the future.

At the end, Emma Organization for Human Development and Nobile Organization for Social Development, in coordination with the Barzani Charity Foundation and the administration of Shariya camp, emphasized the joint work to reach the needs of the victims of the Shariya camp fire to provide aids to them as soon as possible. After finishing with the meeting, Dr. Bayan herself visited some affected families and met with a number of women to fill up their needs.

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