A two day workshop for the self-care focal points and management team

On 19th and 20th of May 2021, Emma organization for Human Development within the self-care project held a two days online workshop about sustaining the role and responsibilities of focal points as self-/staff-care at Emma with the participation of Emma Organization’s self-care focal points and management team in the coordination with the consultant and self-care trainer Maria Zemp in the behalf of Medica Mondiale.

The first day of the workshop has been dedicated to the focal points of self-care only in which a light being shed on the challenges that they are facing. Then a list of a fruitful self-care’s activities being shared with them. It started from 8:30 AM till 1:00 PM. At the last 15 minutes a type of evaluation being conducted to the participants.

At the second day of the workshop was a coaching session for management team and focal points to sustain staff-/self-care activities for all Emma staff, and it took place from 8:30 AM till 1:00 PM. At the beginning they started with a gratefulness exercise and introducing on-boarding new staff. Most importantly the plan of implementing the staff-/self-care activities at each center being discussed among the participants and the trainer. Likewise the second day has been closed by evaluating the techniques and information being used throughout the workshop.

To sum up, the main goals of implementing the activities of self-care at Emma is to caring for a healthy life, self and body awareness, and self-reflection.

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