A supervision session at Sheikhan community center

Within the project of Enhanced individual and structural agency to overcome (s)GBV in IDP camps and host communities in Kurdistan region of Iraq, which is supported by Media Mondiale, on 07-04-2021 a supervision session has been conducted in Sheikhan community center for Emma organization’s staff by a consultant psychologist to promote their skills while interviewing new cases, such as how to diagnose mental disorders and treatment methods.

The session consisted of three sections and lasted for two hours; the first section was about to conduct a fake interview to teach the psychologist staff the role of having a successful interview with the case, the second section was about discussing the status of some cases how to be an active listener and the third section was about self-care(meditation).

Worth mentioning that Emma Organization for Human Development allocated time to its psychologist staff at all its centers to have a supervision session each month, as they are working with difficult cases and they are forgetting themselves sometimes, so they need a session like this to return to themselves and remember that they have to take care of themselves in order to give a hand to people around them and whom they work with.

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