A supervision session at Duhok community center

Within the project of Promoting well being , dignity and safety of conflict affected SGBV survivors, which is supported by NPA( Norwegian People’s Aid), on 01-04-2021 a supervision session has been conducted in Duhok community center for Emma Organization’s staff by a consultant psychologist to promote their skills while interviewing new cases, like how to diagnose mental illness and treatment methods.

The session was three sections and lasted for two hours; the first section was about self-care (muscle relaxation exercise to reduce stress, tension, and anxiety), the second section was about  case study and the third section was about listing activity.

Supervision sessions are highly important for Emma staff, because they are working with difficult cases and sometimes they are forgetting themselves and they need a sessions like this to return to themselves and remember that they have to take care of themselves so they can help other. To end up, this type of supervision take place each month at each center of Emma Organization to empower their skills.

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