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Lalish Conference,

25 April 2016

Lalish temple, Shekhan

As the continuation of the efforts of women in Kurdistan to create sustainable peace and coexistence in Shangal (Sinjar) and Nineveh plains, on twenty-fifth of April 2016, the second Lalish conference for peace and coexistence had been held in Lalish temple in Shikhan.

The conference was organized by women leaders for peace group and Emma Organization for Humanitarian Development with support from Hivos a Dutch non-governmental Organization.

The second conference focused on the mechanisms of returning peaceful coexistence in Sinjar and Nineveh Plain, after the Yezidi component faced genocide by ISIS organization, following ISIS entry to Sinjar in 08/03/2014, which destroyed the social community there in addition to the destruction of its infrastructure.

Several international experts in peace building and representatives of minorities of the target area and women activists had participated in the discussions.

In panels, speakers shared their experiences as participants in peace building efforts in their respective countries and areas on how did they accept to sit at one table with their adversaries?  Was it possible to overcome their differences?  What were the steps that were taken to overcome these differences ?  Have these communities moved on? How have the different groups maintained the peace? Is it sustainable for the future?  How do the different communities feel justice was applied?  What were the major challenges they have faced?.

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