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Lalish Conference,

After the third of August 2015 when Islamic State controlled a part of Iraq especially in Ninavah plain that consist of many different ethnic, religion, cultural groups.

The Islamic State Targeted Yazidi groups  especially Yazidi women and girls, they destroyed most of historical and religions places, they captured more three thousand of women and young girls from 8 to 30 years old,  slaved and raped them.

Yazidi community felt that they are a lone and no one protect them in Iraq and Kurdistan, … thousand of them left the country.

Emma organization and women peace group in coordination with Hivos organization decided to organize a conference inside the Lalish temple (the holly worship place of Yazidi people), to develop a road map to sustainable development in Shangal and Ninavah plain.

Hereby is the report’s link of Lalish conference 1 :



lalish conference English (PDF) LINK

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