Seminars about GBV in two schools in Erbil

On the 14th of December , Emma organization and within SIDA activities about Gender Based Violence ( GBV) , has held a seminar about GBV where our participants in the previous Training of Teachers (ToT ) that Emma had organized to train teacher about how to detect GBV cases and how to solve them have presented this seminar in Rasti school where about 80 people ( teachers and students ) have attended the seminar .
And on 15th of December 2016, the participated teachers in the ToT have also held a second seminar in Shano school about GBV where Emma's video about early marriage and its effects on females was presented to the teachers and students then a group discussion took place after the video,one of the female students said after watching this I will not drop out of school and will continue studying in order to have better future.

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