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Dangek( a voice)

Dangek( a voice) for a fair , peaceful and healthy society. A publication on gender equality , has been issued by Emma Organization for Human Development.  The first number in the month of April 2020 This issue is about the Corona Virus epidemic (Covid 19) and its impact on women, the family and the form…
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To help women and girls prevent HIV, the Aima Human Development Organization, through a team of counselors, psychotherapists and social researchers, is providing the necessary education. Please call the following numbers: Erbil: 07736980673 07516380440 07516298388 07506420283 Duhok: 07502144374 07502403944 07502362115 Sheikhan: 07514948937 07514608123 Sharia: 07503669154 Corona Virus Prevention: Wash hands with soap and water for…
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Emma research

Emma organization has done three researches about gender equality in Kurdistan region education and higher education policy , The influence of women position in decision making on democracy Process in Kurdistan region and Female genital mutilation among Iraqi Kurdish women: a cross-sectional study from Erbil city . To read the Researches please click the links…
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