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A supervision session at Duhok community center

Within the project of Promoting well being , dignity and safety of conflict affected SGBV survivors, which is supported by NPA( Norwegian People’s Aid), on 01-04-2021 a supervision session has been conducted in Duhok community center for Emma Organization’s staff by a consultant psychologist to promote their skills while interviewing new cases, like how to…
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A seminar on types of GBV

An employee Mr. Payraw Anwar at Directorate for Combating Violence against Women and the Family Erbil branch in the collaboration with UNHCR and in the coordination with Emma Organization for Human Development gave a seminar on (types of GBV and its law) to nine women and girls on 15-03-2021 in Hawkary community center of Emma…
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Commemoration of the chemical attack on Halabja

March 16, 2021, marked the 33rd anniversary of the chemical attack on the Iraqi city of Halabja, which was targeted by the regime of former President Saddam Hussein in 1988.Halabja is a Kurdish city, about 240 km to the northeast of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, and it has been targeted by aircraft.The attack reportedly killed…
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Concluding the English language course for women and girls

Within the project ”Enhanced individual and structural agency to overcome  (s)GBV in IDP camps and host communities in Kurdistan region of Iraq  ” and by the support of Medical Mondiale, th e Hawkary Community Center concluded the English training course for women and girls who are living in Bahrka camp on 14th March 2021. 10 beneficiaries…
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