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Third Lalish Conference for Peace and Coexistence

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Lalish Conference,

Emma Organization for Human Development organized the 3rd Lalish Conference for Peace and Coexistence by the American University of Kurdistan in the Duhok province which took place on the 25-26 of April, 2017.

The main topic of the conference that has been held for three consecutive years was (Prosecuting Atrocity Crimes and Terrorism: A Worldwide Obligation).

The 3rd Lalish Conference was attended by more than 150 people including high figure personalities, lecturers, MPs, professors, President of the Darfur Women Action Group, UNHCR, gender advisors, United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), academics, lawyers and activists from different parts of the world. The conference was covered by the local TV channels such as Kurdistan 24 Channel during a Live broadcasting.

Discussions included many topics covering the situation of women in the region, in specific, the Yazidi women and Shingal, the status of women in the independence of Kurdistan, experiences of other countries with genocide and how it is dealt with to prevent future reoccurrence while raising awareness and documenting it.

The conference included three panels:

Panel I covered the topic of “Revisiting Genocide Experience: Recognition and Protection”

Panel II covered “Self-determination, Conflict Resolution and Coexistence”

Panel III covered the “Effects of War on Women”






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