About us

History of Organization

Emma organization was established in 2013 by a group of women activists experts in different fields of life like gender equality, legislation education, health and mental health , it has decided to establish Emma organization for human development.

Emma organization is a non-profit organization that provides rehabilitation, development assistance, and programme services to vulnerable communities in Kurdistan , For sustainability of the projects , the organization coordinates and cooperates with governmental, formal and non formal institutions and groups working in the same field.

Vision: Towards a peaceful, secure, developed, and modern Kurdistan, a society that guarantees the full and equal participation of women.


  • Combating gender based violence.
  • Eliminate all kinds of discrimination against women.
  • Empowering women , displaced women and vulnerable groups.
  • Participation of women in decision making and peace building.
  • Rehabilitation of Yazidi and other minority survivors from ISIS.
  • Mainstreaming the international convention and resolution principles into national laws and policies.
  • Integration of gender equality in education system.
  • Eradication of FGM in Kurdistan.

Main projects of Emma organization:

-Women participation in political field

Equal role in peace building, decision making , reconciliation and state building in coordination with women leaders for peace group.

-Women Empowerment

Developing women's capacities and abilities to get them able to overcome the challenges facing them in their daily lives and get involved effectively in society as we have (Community centers in Erbil and Duhok) that includes teaching Literacy , handcrafts , sewing , raising awareness , rehabilitation and trauma healing of ISIS survivors .

Rehabilitation the victims of ISIS program

Emma started to help the displaced population since August 2014 , with a specific focus on the Yazidi women , who have been targeted by ISIS subjected to abduction , torture , rape and sexual slavery.

Our programs provide support to individuals and families to help them heal and rebuild their lives, our organization provides the following:

Psycho-Social Services, Life Skills and Classes, Livelihood training, Social activities for children and adults.

Female Gentle Mutation (FGM)
Don’t disturb my body: Is a project for eradication of FGM in Kurdistan with Ministry of health and the high council of women affairs which was funded by UN women through raising awareness of parents of new born girls about the harms of FGM, legal punishments and psychosocial problems the girls face as a result of FGM.
The operational work started in October 2014 in four health centers in Erbil, and is extended to other ten health centers in Erbil.

Gender equality in education system

We coordinate with related institutions and groups to mainstream gender equality principles in the education sector by promoting women participation in decision making positions in the Education Ministries and changing the stereotype image about women .

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