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Emma organization releases a video about early marriage

REGA Kurdish TV Channel had made an interview on the 18th of December 2016 with one of Emma's staff about Emma's video about early marriage, its effects on females and their future. The video which was in Arabic and Kurdish has been created by Emma organization in order to increase knowledge about the negative effects…
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Emma’s seminar on Personal Status Law

Emma organization and as a part of SIDA project hold a Seminar on the 19th on December 2016 to present a research about Personal Status Law written by Dr. Kawa Mahmoud depending on the new law of Personal Status Law that had been issued by Kurdistan Parliament No.15 of 2008 which was attended by a…
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Seminars about GBV in two schools in Erbil

On the 14th of December , Emma organization and within SIDA activities about Gender Based Violence ( GBV) ,  has held a seminar about GBV where our participants in the previous Training of Teachers (ToT ) that Emma had organized to train teacher about how to detect GBV cases and how to solve them have…
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