IDPs successfully finish Literacy Course in Dawoodiya Camp

A number of IDP women at the Dawoodiya camp have successfully completed the Literacy Course.

Emma's Literacy Course started on the 17 April, 2018 in Dawoodiya Camp and was dedicated to a group of displaced women.

Access to education is a fundamental right and it is crucial in restoring confidence for those women who have lost everything.

The participants also received gifts on graduation and joined in some fun activities.

Education plays a major role in ensuring poverty reduction and empowering individuals who are able to contribute positively to their communities. Emma has developed an Educational Programme targeting IDPs and refugee communities in the Kurdistan Region.

The programme aims at increasing access to education and employment opportunities for vulnerable communities in rural and poor urban areas, specifically women and youth.

Emma also supports national institutions and community-based organizations in delivering quality literacy courses and life skills training for IDPs and refugees.

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