How to educate a child seminar presented in Hawkari center

On the 3rd of August 2018, a seminar was presented by the volunteer (Ms.Paiman Ramzi), a student in the Basic Education college about (How to educate a child) for 13 women from Hawkari area.

Children are the foundation of society; they are the ones who will develop society when they grow up. It is necessary to raise children together and teach them the right education.

"The first education is to teach the child to read and write. The child at the age of five has entered a new phase of his / her life is the stage of education, which begins with learning the basics of writing and reading, so it is very important for the child to complete his scientific life easily," Ms. Paiman said.

"As ways to teach the child to read and write are different and depends on the child's mental nature and ability to memorize and focus, so one of the most important ways to develop and maintain a good parent-teacher relationship is simply by showing appreciation for each other. If a child sees a parent and teacher thanking each other, the co-operative   aspect is reinforced," she explained.

The volunteer discussed a number of methods of teachings to the mothers and they expressed their happiness to learn new ideas to work on with their children.


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