Emma Duhok Center conducts Community Leader’s Committee Meeting

Emma Organization for Human Development conducted a Community Leader’s Committee (CLC) meeting on the 29thMay, 2018 in their Duhok Center.

The meeting covered the issues that are taking place in the camps and delivered a training on advocacy and its stages to the staff. The training discussed the meaning of advocacy and how it develops with a five-step methodology to reach an effective strategy for the new human rights tactics program.

The training objectives included an understanding of the concept of advocacy, the different stages of advocacy, to practice various means of preparing a pro-active strategy, develop and implement the advocacy strategy. This is done by making a positive change at all levels, through law, policies and regulations, changes in practice and in attitudes and behavior of society.

Advocacy directed at people is an organized set of actions aimed at influencing public policies, social attitudes, social and political processes that give an opportunity and ability to the excluded people to speak and defend themselves.

The purpose of advocacy in this meeting was to learn how to transform society through the realization of human rights. At the end of the meeting, focus was on a number of important points which included, advocacy does not require many resources but requires effort and personal involvement. The advocacy campaign is like a battle, winning should be before it starts and it must respect human rights from all components.


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