Emma attends a workshop about a new project starting soon

Emma organization for Human Development has attended a work shop, which was established by Khanzad organization on the 29 of August 2018in Sulaymaniyah province at Titanic Hotel, initially Khanzad organization reviewed its working years in Kurdistan and shed light on the new project with Medica mondiale and the related organizations including Emma organization.

The proposals, which explained the work and targeted categories by the project was discussed as well as ideas for the new project - more generally – strategies for improving services for women affected by gender based violence in IDP camps and host communities in Kurdistan Region and decreasing gender based violence.

The participants in the workshop were government agencies and civil society organizations, where the attendees had views and suggestions to develop the project in the future.

In the end, the participants hoped to take their views into consideration in order to serve the society as a whole.

As an organization we have a role in the new project in Erbil and we have activities and tasks that we will conduct in the future.


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