Awareness session about sexual harassment delivered for a number of female teenagers in Dawoodiya camp

Emma Organizations' staff has delivered an awareness session about sexual harassment for a number of female teenagers in Dawoodiya camp on the 16th of July 2018 in Duhok province.

The session talked about what is sexual harassment, its forms, who, where and how to deal with a sexual harasser.

Our social worker has made it clear for girls that it is any formula of unaccepted words/or actions with sexual nature which violates the body or the privacy or the feelings of somebody and made him feel uncomfortable, threatened, unsafe, frightened, disrespected, horror, humiliation, abuse, intimidation, violation or it is only a body.

As harassment can be done through the Internet, Phone calls, Touching, Threatening and intimidation as well as many other forms discussed in the session.

She explained to them that Sexual harassment or any form of sexual violence can happen anywhere, whether in public places or in private as : streets, universities, restaurants, markets, inside homes, even with the accompaniment of others (family, relatives, and colleagues) through internet and other means. And who are possible harassers.

Girls have also received important notes that they said didn’t know and were glad to have information about them as sexual harassment is never an ordinary event that we can avoid.

Some of the key information were as follows :

  • It can never be left to the perpetrator to decide whether to be considered a harassment or not.
  • Sexual harassment is a crime.
  • Sexual harassment is never ever considered as the harassed fault or the assaulted person fault. Harassing somebody is a choice made by the harasser regardless to assaulted person dress or behavior that can never be used as an excuse to justify harassment. So the issue is easy: the person subjected to harassment or assault totally is not responsible for any kind of sexual harassment that can happen to him, neither partially or completely.


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