Awareness session about Domestic violence conducted by Emma in Persivi 2 camp

Emma Staff has delivered a session about domestic violence to a number of displaced women in Persivi 2 camp in Duhok on the 4th of April 2018.

Domestic violence, or family violence, is violent, abusive or intimidating behaviour in a relationship. There are many types of domestic violence, including social, physical, sexual and emotional.

The session aims to raise awareness about domestic violence and its effects on the family and the society as a whole.

It was explained in the session that violence occurs when the abuser believes that abuse is an entitlement, acceptable, justified, or unlikely to be reported. It may produce intergenerational cycles of abuse in children and other family members, who may feel that such violence is acceptable or condoned. Very few people recognize themselves as abusers or victims because they may consider their experiences as family conflicts that got out of control. Awareness, perception, definition and documentation of domestic violence differs widely from country to country.

Domestic violence often happens in the context of forced or child marriage.

According to WHO most of this violence is intimate partner violence . Worldwide, almost one third (30%) of women who have been in a relationship report that they have experienced some form of physical and/or sexual violence by their intimate partner in their lifetime.

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