Young feminism meeting

Emma Organization for Human Development in the support of NPA(Norwegian People’s Aid) conducted a training course for the third time in this year on 21,22,23/12/2020, in order to raise young girl’s’ capability and awareness on the basics of the feminism.

At the first day of the meeting Mrs. Vian the manager of this project delivered a presentation about the basics of forming a network, then the next day a seminar about the women's rights in the health of reproductive organs being delivered by Dr. Bayan the co-founder and deputy of the director of Emma Organization for Human Development. However, at the third day seminar on the status of women politicians in the Kurdistan region had been delivered by Mrs. Shad she is a lawyer work in women’s right field.

At the end of the meeting they proposed many plans for the year of 2021 and what should be done to preserve the high quality of participants’ connection with one another for providing more fruitful ideas to serve the females of this community in order to be more aware of their rights.

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