Workshop on Media’s impact on the issue of equality and violence

On 21/9/2020 Emma Organization for Human Development in the support of Medica Mondiale held a workshop for about twenty persons who work in Media field from both Erbil and Dohuk under the supervision Mr. Ari Rafiq the Assistant of General Director of Combating Violence against Women and Family in the Sheraton Hotel in Erbil.

The workshop mainly was about shedding light on a rapport being prepared by Emma Organization regarding how the media supposed to write a rapport on the topics related to violence against women and other civil society’s problems. Moreover, it started with everyone introducing themselves along with giving a short introduction on the purpose of the workshop by Emma’s project manager Hezha Jalal.

Mr. Ari Rafiq presented the contents of the Emma’s rapport which includes language and Gender, how to deal and speak with the survivors of violence, and the clarification on some examples. However, he emphasized on creating a good mechanism for media to write a rapport and cover the social accidents in a healthy way, as there is a great impact of media on society.

He referred that, many social problems have been done and will be done due to having the media institutions using the case inappropriately and giving the task of investigation to a wrong person. And he said that, “if things go this way the number of problem will be increase in a very future time, that is way we see it something of good to solve this types of issues through organizing many more workshop and seminars for those how are working in media”.

In addition, a statistic on the cases relating women committed suicide and divorced being presented by Mr. Ari as well as the lack of number of those who concern about these cases, and the importance of media role in the civil society’s institutions. That is why it is very important for both of them to work together to achieve more.      

Till now civil society could not be able to change enough decision being made by government this is due to a fragile role of the civil society’s institutions like not making a loud via media. The media should conduct its role just as how some organizations of civil society do.

In conclusion, many works by media that harms the position of women in society had being discussed, as well as some proposals by the attendances such as creating a gender unity in every media’s institutions, opening courses and creating a board between media and DCVAW, and reading a gender topic in media departments. 


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