Workshop on labor law

Emma Organization for Human Development on 9th of July 2020 at Didaman Hotel in Erbil conducted a workshop related labor low, at the same time comparing an old Iraqi law with a new one. Worth mentioning that during a workshop Emma ‘s manual for work policy and the rights of the staff being discussed. The aim of the workshop was to build an appropriate manual in order to give the staff its right on the other hand the NGOs of civil society.

 The core of the workshop was mainly about the following points:

1-A brief presentation of the most important articles of the new Iraqi Labor Law No. 37 of 2015 compared to the old Iraqi Labor Law No. 71 of 1987.

2-A brief presentation of the most important articles of the numbered Iraqi Social Security Law.

3-Mechanisms to activate laws related to workers in civil society organizations and Emma Organization for Human Development.

4-A brief presentation of the two projects of the Kurdistan Retirement and Social Security Law for the year 2020, along with the Kurdistan Labor Law Project for the year 2020.

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