Women organization meeting in Sulaymanyah

Emma Organization for Human Development in the support of NPA (Norwegian Peoples Aid) held a meeting for Women’s organization in Kurdistan in Sulaymaniyah governor on 23/9/2020 at Ramad hotel. On one hand, the meeting was about creating a lobby for Kurdistan women at regional level, moreover to discuss about the way of work, mechanisms, visions as a major action for the development of the feminist movement in Kurdistan Region.

On the other hand, the participants opened a heat discussion in the presence of media about the campaign entitled “my name is my mother’s name” that has been launched by one of women organization on 5/12/2020 and worth mentioning it is about changing the Iraqi law related to not granting the Iraqi mother to give her name to its child. In addition, the meetings and activities to develop this campaign are still on track.

At the end, during the meeting every participant delivered their questions, opinions, thoughts, and answers, and what they all agreed on was to support the campaign and the feminist network as well.


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