TV Reporter and TV Presenter Preparation Course

On 3/9/2020 was last day of the training course for the TV reporter and TV program presenters, in which the Emma Organization for Human Development’s Media And Communication Officer participated in with the support of the organization itself, the training course was organized by the National File Organization in Erbil under the supervision of Mr. Abdul Hamid Zebari for a group of youth who are interested in Media field.

The course lasted for six days, starting from the 8/29 until 9/3/2020, the training materials dealt with important and basic topics in the world of media theoretically, on the first, second, and third days. Examples of this are the principles of Journalistic work, its ethics, the characteristics of television journalism, templates for television news treatment, and mechanisms for preparing TV reports, methodology for preparing TV reports, how to conduct interviews for television reports and then applying the information through a tour to some satellite channels and offices in Erbil on the fourth and fifth days of the session, and on the sixth and last day of the training all the participants presented their reports based on the basics that they took in the previous five days and on the same day, a party was organized by the Organization to distribute graduation certificates to the course participants.

The main purpose of this course is to arm those who wish with all the tools of empower journalistic work, whether written or visual, in order to be able to convey the truth to the viewer in all honesty and objectivity. It is worth mentioning that the Emma organization since it’s establishment has a firm desire to empower its employees and provide them good opportunities to improve their skills in all fields and build themselves as well.

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