Training course for young feminists

Emma Organization for Human Development in the support of NPA (Norwegian People’s Aid) Organization conducted a four-day training course, for about thirteen young girls who are from different religion background and different location in Kurdistan (Duhok, Halabja, and Erbil), the course started from 29th of October till 1st of November 2020, the course started from 29th of October till 1st of November 2020 in Best Inn Erbil Hotel, the purpose of the training was raise the level of awareness and capability of the young girls on the basics of the feminism as well as to create a network for young feminist in Kurdistan.

First day on 29th of October, the participants introduced themselves via a game called eyes-break, one by one came on the stage and said their names, work, department and year of graduation, and the location where they came from along with sharing some information about their daily life. On the other hand, they held another activity that everybody to draw their lifetime line and then they spoke out what dose each line represent in their life, for them to be more familiar with each other’s life and personality as the main goal of creating such a group is to establish a close relationship between one another.

Second day on 30th of October, a long presentation being presented about what does the word feminism exactly means by the trainer Khelan Nawzad, however its types including radical and liberal. There were a deep and long discussion about feminism and its type between the trainer and the participants. Furthermore, a short video had been played of an Indian well-known feminist Camela’s speech in TDX talking about the core of how to be a strong feminist. At the end of that day’s training the girls brought in light their views on feminism.

Third day on 31st of October, reviewing the previous day’s work. In addition, that day was dedicated to the importance of the topic of self-care and how it helps everyone to get a good balance so to be able to help people around you in the most appropriate way. Self-care is a key to build a strong personality for yourself and to remain a positive impact on the people around you, however to get to know more about yourself. During presenting the benefits of self-care some activities have been done related to discovering yourself clearly. The trainer Mrs, Hawara a master in clinical psychology ended the day by presenting the aims of practicing Self-care.

Fourth day on 1st of November, it was dedicated to the feminist waves. The trainer Khelan Nawzad gave a deep explanation about four waves of feminism along with the history of them and granted a chance for opening a discussion on them. It is worth mentioning that many real life experiences being shared among the participants to get benefits from them in the future and be well aware on their rights as a feminist. A short film being played of Emma Watson a British feminist, then after a simple test had been conducted about the training.

In short, the participants ended up to have a close and strong friendship with each other, they exchanged their thoughts about feminism and shared the challenges the females of their community are facing including violence. Moreover, they stated that this training enriched them with great information about the rights of women and girls, and extended their warm thanks to Emma Organization for Human Development for granting them the opportunity to participate in in the training.            

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