The second forum of women leaders conducted in Kurdistan

Emma Organization for Human Development supported by NPA organized the second forum of women leaders in Kurdistan conducted on 9th of January 2018 in Saad Abdullah conference hall in Erbil .

The forum was conducted to bring women leaders of political parties and male decision makers to chat the way forward and action the call for more Iraqi women in decision-making positions.

This was a follow-up to the first forum in December 2016, where about 60 women leaders from all political parties in the Kurdistan region, discussed their role in decision-making and peace building process. Despite their political differences, they were able to look at ways in which Iraqi women can play their role in Kurdistan politics.

In this forum, women called for a greater role in decision making to ensure that they work together with their male counterparts to build their society at all fronts.

Following to the December meeting, women leaders have continued advocating for their democratic rights at their party level. While some of the political parties have apparently increased their women leaders, others are yet to heed to the call of their female fellows.

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