The face mask design course at Hawkari Community Center

On 19.7.2020, the Organization for Human Development opened a sewing course with the participation of four women and girls in the Hawkari neighborhood in accordance with the observance of preventive instructions, the aim of designing masks is to reduce the spread of Corona virus and strengthening the capabilities and skills of women and girls as well as strengthening their social relations with each other. During the course, apart from the work topics, awareness seminars are offered.

This came after the noticeable spread of Corona virus, the organization opened this course to support health authorities and centers in order to maintain the safety of beneficiaries by distributing masks to them. However, a symposium was presented about the gratitude for what a woman possesses while another woman is deprived of that and the interaction was excellent as one of the participants mentioned an example of that and said, "We must be thankful because we are watching the progress of the organization for women in spreading awareness and returning life to all who participate in the sessions and how they benefited from the seminars offered by the organization to enjoy their times”.

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