The celebration of international women day (8th of March)

 8th of March marks as an international women’s day and it is a day of working together to stand up against all kinds of violence and discrimination against women and girls worldwide. However, Emma organization planned to organize some activities with other organizations working in women’s field in Erbil city.  All activities have been canceled this year, due to the prevalence of Corona Virus and at the same time taking the health interests of people into consideration.

Instead, it has been decided to set an electronic campaign throughout social media and printed many awareness banners on women rights and how to stand against violence being committed towards women right. The poster being hanged on the streets and public area walls to reach high number of women and to effect the society more.

At the end, Emma organization shows it concrete solidarity with women at that day and confirms its continues fight to make sure every woman reaches its right within the community they live in. 

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