The book of “Layla And The Nights Of Pain” published

On November 5th, 2018, Emma Organization with High Commission For Erbil Citadel Revitalization organized an event to launch the book of Layla Taalo (Layla And The Nights Of Pain). The book is written by Khalid Taalo (Layla’s brother) in Arabic, Emma organization with the support of Hivos ,Dutch organization, translated the book into English.

“Layla And The Nights Of Pain”, is a book talks about  a Kurdish Yezidi woman, who was taken captive when so called Islamic State (ISIS) swept through northern Iraq in 218. During her captivity, Layla was sold several times, she was transferred to Tal Afar, Mosul and Raqqa. Then, her family managed a smuggler to smuggle Layla out in ISIS hands.

After she came back, she narrated her story to her brother (Khalid Taalo), then, Khalid structured the story into a novel in Arabic. Emma organization translated the book into English named “Layla And The Nights Of Pain”. The book was signed by Layla to all the guests.

“ here I would like to thank Mr. Khalid to be a great support to his sister and other women survivor. He did not only listened his sister, but broke the roles of society to habituate the society to listen sexual story”, Bahar Ali director of Emma organization stated.

In her statement, Layla did not talk about her story, but talked in a way to rise up and advocate her case and other women who have been in the same situation.” I might not be able to talk in foreign languages to spread my message, but I can hold my book wherever I go”. She said

Worth saying, On 21,10,2018 Taalo was awarded Mother Teresa Awards for social justice in Mumbai. As Layla escaped from ISIS militants, she used her voice to stop violence against  Kurdish Yezidi people and women.

Emma organization aims to bring out women survivors in their dramatizing situation, raising them up to again. Empowering and training women to use their voice against women violence is always the main objective Emma organization targets.


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