Proposal writing and fundraising

Emma Organization for Human Development in the cooperation of Medica Mondiale held a Two-day training for Emma staff management on how to write proposal and fundraising, on 6 and 7th of December 2020 in Erbil Ramad Hotel with taking all sound health measures into consideration.

The training started with each participant to introduce herself. In addition, this training is delivered by Nancy Mumani at Medica Mondiale in Dohuk who have vast experience in the respective fields of practice. Moreover, the training is taught through a mix of practical activities, theory, and group works. In addition, the training fee covers the components of a successful project, how do you plan the writing of the project and define the project outputs? How do you define the project indicators and build the log frame? Funding concepts, building partnerships, financing strategy.

The training targeted project officials, managers, and staff working in organization whose responsibilities include developing projects, and writing proposals and reports. However, it taught the participants the most efficient process to plan and write proposals that win more business.        


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