Meeting for Feminist Organization in Kurdistan Region

On 1/9/2020 Emma Organization for Human Development in the support of NPA (Norwegian People Aid) held a meeting in Didamn Hotel from 10 AM till 2 PM for feminist organizations in Kurdistan to agree on a framework for joint work and create a lobby for Kurdistan women at regional level.

In recent years many women support the process of transition and become active in political parties and coalition. A wide range of groups were formed to pursue women’s rights agendas in many cases for example a call for peace activities for women. However female political action and the field of women’s rights remain divided by not forming too many meeting among themselves as a feminist in power.

During the meeting they talked about the ways of working together and its mechanisms, and visions. Furthermore, all those who attended the meeting presented their opinion about the proposal and what to do further. Most importantly, the participants argue that when women support narratives leave men’s superiority untouched, involving both male who are taking the gender equality side for the next meeting will make a big change the future of developing the feminize movement in Kurdistan Region.


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