Meeting between women leaders of political parties and male decision makers of political parties in Kurdistan

On 12th of March 2017, UNAMI in coordination with Emma Organization of Human Development had ran a forum in Rotana Hotel in Erbil with the participation of about 60 women leaders of all political parties in Kurdistan and Women Peace Group, UNAMI letter said, the forum was devoted to discuss how women can guaranty their participation in decision making and peace building process in Kurdistan. It was a first time that all women leaders from different political parties despite of their differences they discuss together how women can play their role in political field in Kurdistan.

The Plan was to organize a meeting between male political party leaders and women leaders in political parties to discuss the mechanisms to guarantee women participation and why is important if political parties are involve women in these process. Will be good if we can talk about best practices in other countries.

While the Participants were:

  • Women leaders in political parties like: Narmin Osman, Chnar saad, Ala Talabani…
  • Men leaders: leaders were Mr.Nechirvan Barzani, Mr.Mala Baxtyar, Mr.Ali Bapir....  a total of 30-40 leaders have participated in the forum.

We are aware that political parties in Kurdistan take into consideration UN recommendations and principles. We think that if UNAMI can advocate for women participation in decision making, peace building and reform in Kurdistan, KRG leaders will listen to them and the outcome will be better.

After the Forum each group of women met their leaders in their political parties and discussed the mechanisms of women leaders' participation and the result was explicit among all parties on the importance of the participation of women in decision making and political parties.

















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