Medica mondiale organization cooperate with Emma to deliver a course on stress and trauma sensitive approach

Stress and trauma sensitive approach (STA) and mindful organizational care course has been delivered by the German Trainer from Medica mondiale organization , Mrs .Maria Zemp to 16 members of Emma Organization's staff on the 15th of February 2018.

The course talked about understanding of trauma by medica mondiale, How stress and trauma affects staff health: Compassion fatigue, burn-out, secondary trauma,     mindful organizational care , and staff care .

Medica mondiale organization is a German non-profit association based in Cologne, Germany, was founded in 1993 by Monika Hauser , a feminist women’s rights and relief organization that sees itself as part of the diverse international women's movement .

It is engaged in worldwide activities for and with women and girls affected by gender-based violence in situations of conflict and war, focusing in particular on sexualised violence , it lobby for the improvement of women's rights and demand measures to prevent sexualised wartime violence and provide effective protection and support for women .

The Organization also works to enable women and girls to access trauma-sensitive medical care, psychosocial counselling and legal advice, provide assistance to secure their own livelihoods, the organization also works towards the empowerment of women and girls to shape their own lives and actively participate in reorganization and peace-keeping measures in their societies , support women survivors of sexualised wartime violence as they struggle for justice and help them to develop strategies for dealing with their experiences, gaining compensation and bringing perpetrators  to court and conduct public awareness and education campaigns on the causes and effects of sexualised wartime violence.
















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