Leadership and Awareness on COVID19 training for Yazidi girls

On 8/9/2020 Emma Organization for Human Development organized a leadership training in Erbil under the supervision of Bahar Ali the Director of Emma Organization for nine young Yazidi girls who survived ISIS captivity from 11:00 AM till on how to spread awareness on COVID19 in their community.

The training begun with the self-care activity for about 15 minutes, then the girls talk about what they experienced while they were under the rule of Islamic state as we as the difficulties and challenge that they are facing after their returning back t, due to living in the bad condition in the  IDPs camps for more than six years without having an educate attention from the concerned parties, and they gestured that this situation is hindering them to knowing nothing about their future which is causing them instability in their psychology statues.

In addition, all the participants made a list about the things they are in most need of it to build a good future for themselves like forming a unified government to protect Shingle, demanding both government’s pledge not to repeat the genocide against the Yezidi, allocating a monthly salary for each survivor, allocate special place for each survivor, restoring safety to Shingal, psychological support to survivor, reconstruction of Shingal, providing educational opportunities for survivor, and forming a committee to search the Yazidi kidnapers in the Hall Camp,Musul, and Turkey.

One of the participant talked about the most touched heart reason of pushing the young Yazidi people to commit suicide and she said that” it is very difficult for most of us to see that all the people around the world are living in grace and dignified life except us”.     

Moreover, Mrs. Vian the Emma’s project manager explained in details the symptoms of corona virus and the most effective ways of how one can protect herself and passing the information to the peoples while distributing hygiene kits to the vulnerable families by following some important steps such as alarming people not involve social crowds, the appropriate way of using face masks, and way of washing hands.

At the end of the training they extended warm thank you to Emma organization for giving them such a great opportunity and making them away from the atmosphere that they are living, most importantly letting them to speak out load freely.

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