Implementation of the relaxation exercises in the time of COVID-19

After easing some lock down's measures by the government, the administration of Emma organization planned to work in head office and all its centers in both Erbil and Dohuk Governors  part time, with each day starting work with relaxation exercises to release the sense of stress that the staff gained as the result of unexpected time of corona virus

Whenever we go through a stressed time we unintentionally tend to take a short and fast breaths that make our brain think that we are in a dangerous situation. Taking a full and slow breaths into your belly, can help you to get calm and relax  for getting more comfortable, spending an enjoyable hour and to know more about your body.

The staff got a critical benefit from relaxation technics while conducting their work.  At the same time, they did help them all regarding how to manage their time with all of the challenges due to abnormal time they went through it as well as they tried to benefit self-care activities for work from home.

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