Graduation of the fourth sewing course in Hawkari center

Emma Organization has celebrated the graduation of the fourth sewing course for a number of women in Hawkari center in Erbil on the 27th of November 2017.

The graduation ceremony started with some explanation of the positive role of work and the financial benefit that a woman would gain as well as confidence and fruitful impact on the society and the family.

Certificates have been distributed for 30 women who have participated in the course that lasted for two months as so many women have benefited from it and started their own work from home , some of the women come from different areas of Erbil to participate in these free courses.

The organization is delivering these courses for free for women of Hawkari area in order to learn a new skill and help them get a financial benefit in the future .

Hawkari Center was handed over by the Ministry of Education in 2015 to Emma organization for human development in Hawkari area which was suffering from lack in educational and cultural services among women and young girls in that area .

Working in the center is actually (five) days a week in addition to  delivering courses in (Literacy + sewing +  Handcrafts+ social activities + awareness sessions on different subjects) where the beneficiaries from these courses are the people of the area and displaced people living in that region.

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