Erbil Peace Conference organized by Emma Organization to enhance social peace

Emma Organization for Human Development in cooperation supported by the Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) has organized (Hawler Peace Conference) through an initiative made by women to enhance social peace on the 16th of December 2017 to discuss the mechanisms of sustainable coexistence among peoples and components in Iraq and to prepare the road map for the future of peace and peaceful coexistence among all components in Iraq.

Since the fall of the dictatorial regime in 2003 and although all components of the Iraqi people were expecting that the effects of dictatorship , policies of intimidation and marginalization of components would end and a new page would be opened to ensure and provide freedoms for people and individuals in Iraq within the new political process, but unfortunately and despite voting on the Constitution on the existence of a federal state that would guarantee these rights to some extent , provide a fertile ground for peace and peaceful coexistence among the components, but wars and conflicts are still going on so far.

The continuation of this situation has caused disputes based on sectarian, national, religious bases, etc. causing hundreds of thousands of lives, millions of displaced people, hundreds of cities and villages destroyed in Iraq, and a large part of Iraq's budget wasted due to these conflicts, which have negatively impacted the security, social and political situation impacting lives of citizens and the future of peaceful coexistence among all components.

The conference was held in Erbil and involved high level figures, politicians, academics, lawyers, international organizations and activists from different components in Iraq and Kurdistan Region.

The speakers of the first axis were Mrs. Bikerd Talabani (Secretary of Kurdistan Parliament), Dr. Manal Fenjan (a Professor in international law), Mrs. Janar Saad Abdullah (PhD in Sociology), Mr. Khalid Al-Roumi (Former MP in the Iraqi Parliament from the Sabaee component), and Mr. Kermanj (Counselor of the Independent Human Rights Commission).

The speakers of the second axis were Mr. Falah Hassan Meshaal (writer and journalist), Mrs. Lara Yousif Zara (Manager of Al-Quosh sub-district),Shorouq Al-Abayji (MP in the Iraqi Parliament)Mr. Khalis Eshoa Estivo (Former MP in the Iraqi Parliament and the chairman of Shlomo organization), Dr. Farhad Kakayi (Professor in Erbil University, Mr. Salah Al-Faili (Zindowo Martyrs Association) and the representative of Wounded of Iraq Association.

The speakers of the third axis were Mrs. Bikerd Talabani (Secretary of Kurdistan Parliament) , Mr. Ribwar Talabani (Chairman of Kirkuk Governors Board), Mr. Awad Al-Awadi (MP in the Iraqi Parliament), Dr. Ali Al-Shalah (The President of the Iraqi Media Network) and Mr. Sheikh Riad al-Danouk (Member of Kirkuk Governors Board).

The conference discussed the following points in order to find realistic mechanisms to provide sustainable peace and peaceful coexistence among all components:

First: The impact of constitutional and legal obstacles on the way of achieving sustainable peace.

Second: The impact of regional and international factors on the future of peace in the region.

Third: The impact of current internal conflicts and wars on the social and psychological life of different components.

Fourth: The impact of economic factors in conflict resolution and the problems of the relationship among the components.

This conference was the first discussion that happens on a board level that took place after the referendum including political, religious and academics from Iraq and Kurdistan, discussions were so frank to a great distance.

The goal of this conference was to continue on organizing such activities in the rest of the cities , creating a coexistence formula and accepting the other despite the differences  .


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