Entertainment activity conducted for displaced men in Duhok

A football match took place on the 6th of February 2018 in "Persivi camp  " in Duhok for 12 displaced men and people from host communities ,the activity was organized by Emma Organization (Duhok Center)  .

Sport and Thought is a way of working with adolescents that fuses the sport of football, psychodynamic thinking and theory to create a space to encourage thought and act as a catalyst to promote emotional and behavioral change.

Our aim is to help young people develop the emotional control and resilience they need to participate actively in school, complete their education and lead fulfilling, emotionally rich lives.

Playing football can help in  :

Creating containment and boundaries

Within Sport and Thought, the ball is seen as an externalisation of the individual’s mind, and the way the person treats the football, how they work with it, is very much in synchronicity with their internal state of

Bringing structure to chaos

Sport and Thought concentrates on engaging the individual with the football in an attempt to begin to bring an internal structure to what is otherwise a chaotic state of being. The project encourages its cohort to play football in a very controlled and thoughtful fashion.

Developing the ability to think

To play the ball on the ground and to move into space to receive a pass, or to give another player an option, takes an ability to think. This is something that the membership find very difficult at the beginning. The ball is an extension of the mind and the ability to control the ball (or in the case of the adolescents when we first begin to work with them, lack of control of the ball and inability to remain within the coned out box) allows us to see and measure the level of internal difficulty and chaos that the individual is experiencing.

Making the link between the pitch and the classroom

The difficulties that are expressed within the session are verbalized back to the adolescents. They are stressed but generally not to the individual. Difficulties are always linked to external situations outside of the football pitch. This allows the group to link their behaviours and difficulties.


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