Emma’s psychological support team participated in the burial ceremony of 104 Yazidi victims of ISIS massacre in Kocho

On February, 6, 2021, Emma Organization for Human Development’s team offered a psychological support to the Yazidian Kocho survivors of ISIS massacre of August 15, 2014, while participating in the burial ceremony of 104 yazidian victims of ISIS that took place in Kocho, Shangal at 10:00 AM. They were killed in Augast 15 and 16, 2021.

The team supporting Yazidian Kocho survivors of ISIS of Emma along with the director of Emma Bahar Ali arrived Shangal on 5,2,2021. At the beginning of their arrival they visited domiz camp that kept the bodies of 104 yazidi victims, again with the aim of offering the psychosocial support for those women and girls who were waiting in front of the camp for the bodies of their relatives.   

Kocho is a small Yazidi village that lay 28 km southeast of Shangal district, it is now known as one of the most damaged village during ISIS militant took over Shangal. They killed all men, boys and elderly women. On the other hand, they took young women, girls and boys as a slaves. Many statistics show that around 500 people in Kocho being killed by the terror group ISIS.

After 6,5 years’ families from Kocho finally could be able to bury their loved ones with dignity in the presence of official, public and media. And it could be said that during the month of January 2021, the psychotherapy staff at the social center of Emma at Duhok organized two peer group support for the women and girls of Yazidi survivors who had one or more victims among the 104 identified bodies, with the aim of preparing them for the ceremonial day in Kocho.

Emma Organization at the beginning of ISIS invention to Shangal committed to   set a programs to rehabilitate the Yazidi female survivors. In addition, special adviser Karim Khan thanked Emma Organization for providing psychosocial support to grieving families in the ceremonial day via UNITAD Iraq Facebook page.    

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